Enjoy this lovely reflection which follows and become more aware of how God, and all creation bearing God’s face, surround us as we move through our days. Then take a good long look in the [...]

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The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist I have money. Giving some away will make me feel good about myself. Giving some away will make me a better Christian. Giving some away will show that I have money. Giving some [...]

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Love is the law of the heart, the first guiding rule for our lives, for us who call ourselves Christians. Love challenges us and stretches us beyond our ordinary selves and our initial response.  Love [...]

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Value vs. Fear

Value vs. Fear I value driving because I’m afraid to fly. I value my relationship because I’m afraid to be alone. I value my job because I’m afraid to start over. I value the status [...]

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Changing Values

Changing Values My family used to have a large van. It became a home away from home. Many travel memories were possible because of that van. We valued it. Kept it clean. Repaired it when [...]

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Bishop Brennan has made public the following appointment

WHEELING, W.Va.—Bishop Mark E. Brennan has announced the appointment of Monsignor Eugene S. Ostrowski as vicar general and moderator of the curia of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, effective September 3, 2019. After the bishop, the [...]

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Listen Up

Listen Up In conversation, there are two ways to listen. Listen to respond – Hear the words, recall your own experience, plan your story, and jump in when you can. Or Listen to learn – [...]

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