Leave a message – Part 2

Leave a message - Part 2 You’ve called, and they couldn’t answer. Would you like them to call you back? Then leave your name and number first – nobody writes it down the first time [...]

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Please leave a message – Part 1

Please leave a message – Part 1 They’ve called, but you can’t answer. When will you be back? Is there someone else they can contact? Is there a typical question or two that you can [...]

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Today, I no longer invoke “Chicken Little” because I know for sure that “the sky is falling in.” I am trying to make sure that I am not ‘under it’ when the sky actually falls, [...]

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An Open Letter to West Virginia Voters

On November 6, West Virginia voters will have the opportunity to approve a constitutional amendment that will both end state tax-payer funded abortions and save lives. Amendment 1, which states, “Nothing in this Constitution secures [...]

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Rollercoasters There are two ways to ride a rollercoaster. You can be coerced to get on, grip the bar with fear, close your eyes, fight the motion, and feel lucky you survived. Or You can [...]

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