Fourth Sunday of Easter, Sunday, April 22

The Rejected Cornerstone Today’s Readings: Acts of the Apostles 4:8 –12; Psalm 118:1, 8 – 9, 21– 23, 26, 28, 29; 1 John 3:1– 2; John 10:11–18. Together, the First Reading and the Gospel invite us to reflect on the [...]

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Catholic Sharing Appeal Begins

By Colleen Rowan/The Catholic Spirit With a $2 million goal, the annual Catholic Sharing Appeal has begun with the theme Almost Heaven. “Because our diocese encompasses the entirety of our state, we wanted this year’s [...]

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Thursday, April 19

Catechesis The account of Philip and the eunuch is a story of conversion. The eunuch is reading from Scripture, but is unaware of the meaning the story holds. Philip, moved by the Spirit, goes to [...]

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Wednesday, April 18

Sing with Joy                        Today’s Psalm captures the spirit of the Easter season. All of creation sings with joy to God for all his marvelous deeds. With the busyness of our lives, it may be hard [...]

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Tuesday, April 17

Martyr The First Reading provides an account of Stephen, the Church’s first martyr. Place yourself at the scene and try to imagine what it must have been like to hear Stephen preach. Would you have [...]

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Monday, April 16

Stephen Faces Trial The account about Stephen’s trial is similar to the trial Jesus faced when accused of blasphemy. Some falsely witnessed against him. The Spirit was with Stephen as he debated with those who [...]

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Third Sunday of Easter, Sunday, April 15

Witnesses Today’s Readings: Acts 3:13 –15, 17–19; Psalm 4:2, 4, 7– 8, 9; 1 John 2:1– 5a; Luke 24:35 – 48. The last line of today’s Gospel states, “You are witnesses of these things.” This statement is an invitation to [...]

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Saturday, April 14

Ministry of the Word The First Reading describes the beginning of what we know as the diaconate. Since the community was growing, the needs within the community also grew. Seven men were called upon to [...]

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Friday, April 13

Tell the Story No matter the obstacle, the Apostles remain passionate in teaching about Jesus. How would you respond if you found yourself in the First Reading and were flogged and told not to speak [...]

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