It’s your turn

It’s your turn Around this time last year, I wrote to the author of a wonderful book and asked for a discount on 35 copies of the book to gift to a group of very [...]

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As we enter Advent

In our celebration of Christ as King of the Universe and our King as Christians, we realize that we are approaching the end of the Church’s Liturgical Year of 2019.  It also means that we [...]

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Tip Your Server

Tip Your Server If your food tastes bad, tip your server. If it takes a long time, tip your server. If they seem inattentive, tip your server. If you’re annoyed, tip your server. And generously. [...]

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Faith in Our Lives

Since we are now experiencing winter’s cold presence much earlier than we expect, let’s remember that God’s Love revealed in Jesus is ever present to guide and ‘warm’ us! We are invited to seek and [...]

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Free Donuts Part 2

Free Donuts Part 2 Where is the place they want to be? Safe. Accepted. Respected. Status. Hero. There is a local church that, on every Easter Sunday, gives out hundreds of boxes of ½ dozen [...]

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Addiction to Recovery

Blessed Sacrament, South Charleston, Parishioner Joe Deegan Shares His Story, and Discusses West Virginia’s Opioid Crisis By Martina Hart/The Catholic Spirit CHARLESTON — Joe Deegan recently marked his 11-year anniversary of being clean [...]

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