West Virginia Flood: Two Years Later

The three children of the Helmick family celebrate as they move into their new home in August of 2017 Over the past two years, West Virginians have come together to rebuild in the [...]

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The sound of your voice

Is a treasure. Here’s a tip: Use the voice recorder on your phone and narrate your old photo albums. Put the recording on a CD and insert it into a paper sleeve glued in the [...]

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Action Alert!

Please join our bishops and millions of other Americans in asking our congresspeople to ensure babies aren't torn from their mothers at the border. https://justiceforimmigrants.org/action-alerts/protect-immigrant-children-and-families-seeking-safety-and-shelter-from-violence-by-keeping-these-families-together/  

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Pluralistic Ignorance

You have a question. You need assistance. You’re not sure who to ask. There are a few people that come to mind. You send one email addressed to all of them. Each one may believe [...]

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Yes please!

When you accept help, you give a blessing. When you heed advice, you give a blessing. When you lose in good spirit, you give a blessing. When you really listen, you give a blessing. Sometimes [...]

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Thought for every day living

We so often want to be better and do better in our lives and our relationships. Here is a bit of wisdom from a ‘pro.’ Mother Teresa has only recently been officially recognized for her [...]

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