I was wondering…

I was wondering… But now you’re not? How many of your emails, phone messages or conversations start with “I was?” I was hoping you would… I was trying to reach you… I was wondering if [...]

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Intermission Half way through the performance, everything stopped.  The lights came up.  An announcer informed the audience of a 15-minute intermission.  With few exceptions, everyone sat there waiting for the show to begin again. Intermission [...]

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Stay until the traffic clears

Stay until the traffic clears The end of the show/event is worth watching. You get to savor the experience. You can talk with those with you. You can help someone who needs it. Consider that [...]

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The Value of Ice

Each day this week, I bought $2.00 worth of ice to put in our travel cooler.  Each following day, I poured the melted ice down the drain. It turns out though, that each $2.00 bag [...]

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Talk about it

Talk about it. Those taboo topics? Talk about them. Those uncomfortable moments? Talk about them. The unfortunate event? Talk about it. The elephant in the room? Talk about it. That thing you don’t want to [...]

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