Thursday, March 22

I AM Today’s Gospel presents another encounter between Jesus and the Jews. The passage helps to affirm the divinity of Jesus once again, even though his audience struggles to understand. For the third time in [...]

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Wednesday, March 21

Fiery Furnace The three men in the First Reading refuse to worship the idol. They had faith that God would protect them from death in the furnace. Even the king is transformed when he learns [...]

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Tuesday, March 20

Son of Man The desert of the Lenten season might find us complaining as did the children of Israel. Our parched hearts yearn for drink. In the desolation of the desert our hearts and minds [...]

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Monday, March 19

Solemnity of St. Joseph Only a few passages in Scripture provide a glimpse into the person of St. Joseph. His care for Jesus and the Blessed Virgin speaks volumes about his character and devotion to [...]

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Fifth Sunday of Lent, Sunday, March 18

Covenant Today’s Readings: Jeremiah 31:31– 34; Psalm 51:3 – 4, 12 –13, 14 –15; Hebrews 5:7– 9; John 12:20 – 33. During the past few weeks, the theme of the Scriptures focused on God’s covenant. In the reading from Jeremiah, God’s covenant takes [...]

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Saturday, March 17

Refuge During these final days of Lent, listen carefully to the refrain of the Psalm. In times of pain and weakness, God is truly our refuge. This Lenten season may have revealed the blind spots [...]

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Friday, March 16

The Wisdom of God Though written long before the time of Christ, the First Reading describes how those who reject Jesus’ wisdom plotted to kill him. Wickedness blinds our hearts to see what is good [...]

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Thursday, March 15

Golden Calf The First Reading once again highlights God’s profound mercy for his loved ones. The Israelites have crafted a golden calf to worship. They have lost faith in God and turned away from him. [...]

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