It’s hard to be excited about the actual opening of the WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES tonight when I cannot feel safety for the women and men who have traveled to Russia to participate on behalf of our United States of America. I plan to watch the televised event, but I must admit that I will do so with reservations in my mind and heart. I will have a guard up in case some tragic thing happens even as we watch the spectacle on national television. The official word can be: “All is well” and “Not to worry,” but too much information has been announced in the media and by various interest groups to simply be a believer. I guess this represents one more area in our world today where we experience our human trust as broken. I recall being at an international gathering in St. Louis just after “9-11” when we were all perched on the edge of threat and its possibilities. A colleague got up and addressed the United States’ members to express her regret that going forward, we would never experience life in the same way again. We would be like so many others who already knew distrust and betrayal from within. It felt like a call to ‘grow up’ and face the reality of evil head on. It pushes one to make a choice about how to live life freely and meaningfully. In a new way, I recognized that the choice is mine – then and now. I am reminded of the Scripture that invites us to “Choose life, not death,” and for me it makes all the difference! So I will be watching the opening events of the Winter Olympics tonight. And I choose to enjoy the occasion and follow the athletes who are there to set new records and make their homelands proud. May the Angels of God hover over us all!