Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Supports House Bill 2727

The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston’s Office of Prison Ministry has long recognized that a major challenge to those leaving incarceration has been a lack of a current ID. Without identification, one cannot obtain employment, long-term housing, health and food benefits. Bishop Michael Bransfield is delighted that a bill to remedy this lack is working its way through the House of Delegates. House Bill 2727 would enable the Department of Motor Vehicles to work with the Department of Corrections to assist those leaving imprisonment to obtain a valid WV identification card or driver’s license once they leave state custody. Bishop Bransfield urges that this bill be enacted so that those reentering society from prison have the means to find work and housing. West Virginians want to aid in making these sisters and brothers contributors to their communities, not to set them up for failure and a return to prison.

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