Our experiences of birth and personal development as we journey through life’s important events are part of a great voyage. Our faith has significant influence on how we experience this journey. We don’t travel alone, we are part of a believing community; this community supports us and marks important moments in our lives with prayer and ritual. Death is not the end of the journey. Death and life are of the same cloth. During the funeral liturgy we say “Lord, for your faithful people life is changed, not ended.” Faith helps us to see death as another event of our journey that is celebrated by a believing community. The cemetery is part of this ritual. We have our own cemeteries because our perception of death is guided by our resurrection faith. Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston exist to meet the needs of the faithful at the time of death and burial, and throughout bereavement. By setting aside a holy place for burial we provide a fitting environment for liturgical celebration. As in life, we believe the human body should be treated in death with respect and dignity. Our memories of the deceased are enlightened by a faith that sees death as a bridge to the communion of saints. Our bonds with the believing are not broken by death.

You journeyed with our native and immigrant ancestors, who lived and labored in our beautiful state, who built our Diocesan Church and handed on faith to us. We remember and cherish our past.

– from the ninth Synod Prayer Diocese Wheeling – Charleston