Vision Statement

The Sisters in Rural Ministry are vowed religious women who minister in the rural areas of the Diocese of Wheeling/Charleston, West Virginia. Our work with the people of God flows from our life of prayer and reflection on the Gospels and on the signs of the times. We are impelled by our presence among rural West Virginians to live and give witness to those values lived and taught by Jesus Christ. We share in prayer and retreats, and in ministries and actions that support our individual and common concerns. We listen to the cries of the poor and marginalized, of women and children, of families and, indeed, of the earth herself, for peace, justice, and mercy. Therefore, in responding to the calls from our rural areas, we endeavor to: • give voice to those needs where a voice is needed in the Church and in society; • bond with the people of God to foster a sense of self-worth among all; • affirm the value of and need for small rural faith communities; • encourage responsible decision-making and leadership qualities present in the community, and provide lines of communications with the diocese regarding the needs and concerns of rural communities; • work with others to support the evangelization process and ecumenical activities in the diocese; and • promote awareness of the sacredness of the planet earth and the importance of stewardship of all the earth’s resources. We continue to reflect on new ways of being and acting together that emanate from our inter-relatedness and unity with the earth and the entire community of beings. We seek to collaborate with others in the Church and in society to make this statement a reality. 10/7/97 Revised 4/23/02