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Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia

(304) 233-0880
(304) 230-2231
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The highest ranking official in the Diocese after the Bishop, the Vicar General has full jurisdiction in all matters which the Bishop has not reserved to himself or others by the common law of the Church. As Moderator of the Curia, the Vicar General is charged with coordinating the ministries and services of the diocesan departments and, in the absence of the Bishop, presides over meetings of the Executive Staff.

The following Offices and Centers operate under the direct supervision of the Vicar General:

  • Office of the Chancellor
  • Office of Computer Information Systems
  • Office of Diocesan and Foreign Missions
  • Department of Formation and Mission
  • Office of Human Resources
  • Office of Marketing and Communications
  • Office of Prison Ministry
  • Office of Stewardship and Development
  • Office of Worship and Sacraments
  • Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • The Catholic Spirit

Diocesan Pastoral Centers:

  • Bishop Hodges Pastoral Center, Huttonsville
  • Priest Field Pastoral Center, Kearneysville
  • St. John XXIII Pastoral Center, Charleston