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In all instances it is advisable to seek legal counsel before drafting a bequest or formulating a will.

Bequests for the benefit of the Diocese, a parish, or an unincorporated institution or organization should be made out to “The Most Rev. Mark E. Brennan, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, or his successors in office,” with a specification of the purpose for which the bequest is to be used, e.g., “for the use of St. Titus Parish.” If a bequest is intended for an incorporated institution, please consult the director of that institution or the Chancery for the proper legal title.

Bequests for Masses should stipulate the intention for which the Masses are to be offered, the number of Masses and any other pertinent information, and clearly specify any other special requirements of the donor.

Many religious communities in the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston carry on their work in other places, too. If a gift or bequest to a religious community is intended for an institution of that community in the Diocese, that intention should be made specific.