Sharing for the Journeysis-ellen-avatar

by Sr. Ellen Dunn

The Easter message is essentially about Life, newfound life in Christ.  Easter, relived every Sunday at the Eucharist, continues in our hearts and souls with the ‘new life in Christ’ reality.  Our faith is summed up in the simple statement: ‘Christ has died; Christ is risen; Christ will come again.’ Believing this and finding it to be real in our daily lives takes a bit of growth in our awareness levels.

Whatever our roles in life – wives, fathers, daughters, friends, neighbors – we have daily experiences which involve dying to ourselves so that others may live. I yield the car keys to my teenage son for a movie run, and I give up going to Book Club that evening.  I stay home with my mother who is ill because she can’t be left alone anymore; I can’t go out with my friends as planned. Small deaths to oneself, but very real. Consider where your own ‘dyings’ occur and how you manage them.  Are you able to take them in stride, do you throw a small temper tantrum inside yourself?

The ‘risings’ follow quickly upon the dying experiences, if one is attentive. Example: I find peace in sitting with my mother so that she is comforted by my presence. I recall her goodness as I was growing up. Rising! When my son returns safely with the family car and having had a fun night-out, I am relieved and happy with his early steps toward independence and ‘adulthood.’  I find new life in myself because of these moments that I accepted gracefully for the other. Take a pause and recognize these occasions which happen daily and celebrate the Easter life and the Resurrection moments they reveal to you!