Catholic Distance University is partnering with the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston to provide basic catechetical certification online. As a subsidy partner you can take the required seminars and courses at a discounted tuition rate.

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Basic Certificate in Catechetics

Advanced Certificate in Catechetics

Basic Certificate in Catholic Education


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DWC Catechist Formation and Certification

Franciscan University’s St. John Bosco Conference for Evangelists, Catechists, Teachers and parents will be held on our campus Monday, July 13 to Thursday, July 16, 2020

Every Steubenville Conference features:

  • National ministry team members that are often not available for local or diocesan events.  Participants are assured to receive a variety of relevant and passionate presentations.
  • The opportunity to experience the beauty and spirit of Franciscan University’s campus and be served by its loving and faith-filled students.
  • Dynamic praise and worship that draws the heart into the presence of God and makes the liturgy come alive.
  • Personal encounters with Christ in the sacraments, especially Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • The opportunity for fellowship with Catholics from across North America (and even around the world) who share the same hunger and love for Christ and His Church.

In our experience we’ve seen that good catechists never stop learning and growing but finding a way to both sharpen the mind and renew the heart can be difficult, especially with all the demands on your time.

This is why the St. John Bosco Conference provides both instruction and inspiration from nationally recognized leaders in catechetical ministry and times of deep and powerful prayer. Our guests join hundreds of other catechists and evangelizers each summer to gain tools to be a better minister and leave with a new zeal for the ministry to which God has called them. The relationships that are made and deepened by interaction in the hallways, walkways, lodging, meals and social times are not easily duplicated.

Here is the web address for more details for the 2020 St. John Bosco Conference:

Registering as “First-Time Attendees” qualifies you for a discount of $30 and for those registering before Feb 28, 2020 an additional “Early Bird” discount of $30.

Catechists and Catechetical Leaders of the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese need to register at  

Please contact our office with any questions, including questions about past courses/trainings/degrees that you think may be comparable to one or more of the six courses listed above. You can reach us at 304-233-0880, ext. 374 or at