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1 Marriage Prep And Cohabiting Couples USCCB

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2 Prenuptial Envelope

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3 Previous Marriage Form

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4 Letter Of Delegation Form

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5 Affidavit Of Baptism

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6 Affidavit Of Proper Pastor

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11 Celebrating Matrimony Within Mass

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12 Celebrating Matrimony WithOUT Mass

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13 Celebrating Matrimony Catholic And Catechumen

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Pre-nuptial Investigation Form MB


To establish freedom to marry:

(a) When either party has lived in more than one parish or place for more than six months after puberty, or when some doubt exists in the mind of the priest concerning freedom to marry.

(b) When a dispensation from banns is requested.

(c) For both parties in a mixed marriage.

To assist in proving baptism, when a certificate is unavailable.

To investigate the attitude of parents when the party is under twenty-one years of age.

To investigate the stability of the proposed marriage when the party is under eighteen years of age.

Four witnesses are necessary. Parental testimony is always preferred.

February 12, 20150.1 MB1335
Pre-nuptial Investigation Form MA

The M-A Prenuptial Investigation Form is to be used with all couples as the basic instrument to determine the freedom of the parties to marry and to assess the quality of their intention to marry. Additionally, the form has a space for written delegation. Please complete this form for each proposed marriage and place in the pre-nuptial file. If the marriage is to take place in another diocese or the couple themselves are from another diocese (or the Catholic party, in the case of a mixed religion marriage), please send this form with the other requested documents to the Tribunal for processing.

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