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by Sr. Ellen Dunn

Since we are now experiencing winter’s cold presence much earlier than we expect, let’s remember that God’s Love revealed in Jesus is ever present to guide and ‘warm’ us! We are invited to seek and to find Jesus Christ in all we meet each day in our travels and activities. All of this depends on our faith and our ability to deepen our awareness of the good things we have in our everyday surroundings. Our Faith enables us to hope for what is yet to be in the days ahead.

Enjoy Eberhard Arnold’s insights on Faith and its role in our lives!

Reflection by Eberhard Arnold

God is always ready. With the intensity of his holy will, he longs for people of faith to speak, pray, live, and believe so completely in the living Jesus that he is at last able to intervene and act as he has always wanted to act. In answer to our faith, and to the measure of our faith, everything will be done just as we ask. There is no wall, no mountain, and no barrier too high for the prayer of faith.

Source: The Prayer God Answers

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