Fourth Sunday of Lent, Sunday, March 11


Today’s Readings: 2 Chronicles 36:14 –16, 19 – 23; Psalm 137:1– 2, 3, 4 – 5, 6; Ephesians 2:4 –10; John 3:14 – 21. The readings today tell of the merciful love of God. Today’s Gospel points out that God’s love for us is so profound that he offered his only Son on the Cross so that we might have eternal life. When we consider our ancestors in the faith, we learn they wrestled to follow the Commandments and remain faithful to God just as we do today. In the Book of Chronicles, the Israelites were taken into captivity as punishment for their infidelity, but even here, God’s mercy prevails when King Cyrus, inspired by the Lord, freed the people. Sin causes us to turn away from God, but instead of punishment, God gives us the gift of his Son who has redeemed us; he has brought us out of the darkness into his light. No matter the circumstances in which we find ourselves, God is present and mercy overflows.  In this season of mercy, it is important to name those sins that keep us from God and seek forgiveness. It is also important to show mercy to others, especially those whom we may have harmed in any way.

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