Sharing for the Journeysis-ellen-avatar

by Sr. Ellen Dunn

In spite of the evil activity that took place recently in Las Vegas, it is important to remark upon its polar opposite which occurred even while the rapid-fire shooting took place. It became a kind of playing field for one person to help another.  Story after story unfolded as each deceased person’s life was remembered and honored. The bullets fired knew no special targets; all were equally in the gunman’s line of fire. Men and women became brothers and sisters to those wounded or killed instantly.

It is very encouraging to witness this kind of response in a massive crowd; it reminds us that the good wins out in the big picture. It reminds us too that life is very complex and there is no easy way to understand what actually took place in one of our cities at a peaceful gathering of music lovers. It reminds us that no one is promised tomorrow.

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