For me, it’s a very useful practice to have a small book of ‘daily meditations’ at hand to look at every morning or evening. It gives me a bit of a ‘pick-up’ and encourages me to keep on the pathway towards God and things of God. Over the past decade or so, I’ve relied on a small daily pamphlet called Living Faith; it’s a quarterly publication and carries three months worth of daily reflections. In addition to the daily reflection, this booklet also lists the daily readings at the bottom of each page. Sometimes the meditation focuses on the Gospel of the day, or it might take a verse from the Psalm response for that particular day, or it might take a verse from the first reading. The text itself draws out the message that the daily writer wants to highlight! Often, the message is one that I really need to hear; or it might be something that goes right over my head. Nevertheless, I’ve grown to cherish this little ‘pocket’ book and the wisdom it offers on a daily basis. In recent years, there have appeared a number of other similar publications which serve as daily inspiration literature. One is called Magnificat, and carries the daily Mass readings in the context of the Mass. This publication offers articles about the various feasts and saints of the day. There are also two online offerings which are available at no cost and offer daily reflections for the reader: one is located on the Notre Dame University website featuring its own faculty and students and alumni as the ‘preachers.’ I also like another which is called ‘Take Five’ with Patricia Tuohy as the author of the daily reflections. She is quite excellent and insightful. So there is little excuse for not having a morning jolt of Good News or an afternoon ‘pick-me-up!’ Go for it!