Sharing for the Journeysis-ellen-avatar

by Sr. Ellen Dunn

Today, I no longer invoke “Chicken Little” because I know for sure that “the sky is falling in.” I am trying to make sure that I am not ‘under it’ when the sky actually falls, but I cannot escape the scene which has resulted and which continues to unfold from many sides. Catherine of Siena says: ‘Speak as if you had a million voices; it is silence that kills the world.’ We are on a learning curve; we are beginning to trust our voices in new and surprising ways, as we speak up and speak out our various truths.

What really matters now is to stay steady; to refrain from ‘fleeing the scene.’ That would be a whole lot easier. But as adults and leaders in our respective roles and responsibilities, we need to be willing to stay the course, to stand in the muddy mess, to make our way through the current chaos. It’s important to be willing to lend an ear or to offer a hand to whoever happens to be standing beside us. It’s definitely time now to stand in and stand up and speak out! Onward with hope for the future God has in mind for us!