Missing Hand Signal

Right, Left, Stop, Halt, OK, Fist Wave, The Bird, Come Here, Be Quiet, Be Louder, Watching You, and on and on… We have hand signals for many uses.

We don’t have one for “I’m Sorry.”

If someone cuts us off in traffic, we assume they’re a jerk. If they invade our space, or take the last one, or do something that you feel wrongs you, where words are not an option, we often think the worst of them.

What if they could say “I’m Sorry” through a simple hand gesture? Sorry because they’re late. Sorry because they have a hungry child. Sorry because it really was an accident.

What if you could say “I’m sorry?” Because you really didn’t mean it.

In lieu of a hand signal, let’s use empathy to assume they’re sorry. Because you’re not a jerk, and they’re a lot like you.