Most of us can barely imagine accomplishing the kind of physical prowess and personal dedication that is readily demonstrated by each and every one of the Olympians. Although I confess to be a bit weary of watching the snowboarding contestants flying through the air and landing safely, I am filled with amazement at their will and skill! Clearly, it takes both! Each and every sport has its own inner life and skills and requirements and guidelines for judging. I choose to watch the ones I especially like – the ice skating and the ice dancing; I like the singles and the pairs, but the pairs are the most spectacular, with their grace and poise. It’s as if these people were born with the skates on; they seem so ‘at home’ on the ice. The level of risk is quite high in many of these sports, and I find myself closing my eyes so I won’t see the outcome when they slip or fall. We hear the stories of many of the athletes: just what it took for them to decide to stay in ‘the hunt for Olympic Gold.’ We hear the human side of individuals and their personal commitment to their sport. It’s challenging to imagine the number of hours, and the people-support that have been part of their preparation for Sochi, Russia in 2014. This drive for Olympic Gold is quite different from the search for any other kind of gold – be it a gold ring signifying engagement; gold as in ‘the golden years’ of a lifetime enjoyed; or the price of the metal ‘gold’ on the financial index ($1300 an ounce in today’s market!). This unique Olympian Gold is of the spirit, mind and body united in its pursuit. As we watch another week of competition, may that Olympian spirit ring true to its original purpose – to make the world community a better place!