Talk about it

Talk about it. Those taboo topics? Talk about them. Those uncomfortable moments? Talk about them. The unfortunate event? Talk about it. The elephant in the room? Talk about it. That thing you don’t want to [...]

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Reflection for the day . . .

This daily reading source often hits the nail on the head, as the expression goes. So I’m sharing it with you all. For myself, part of getting up and out each day has to do [...]

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Imagine That!

Imagine That! In your mind’s eye can you picture the impact that you make? Can you see the results of your efforts?  Can you envision happy people because of what you do? Now read your [...]

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A FREE Organ Concert at St. Francis Xavier Church

In celebration of its brand new organ, St. Francis Xavier Church in Moundsville is holding a free public concert at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, July 17.  Performing will be Chaz Bowers, an acclaimed organist who [...]

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Spending Time in the Past

Spending Time in the Past There is much advice stating “don’t look back – you’re not going that way,” “don’t dwell on the past,” and “let it go.” This works for a lot of things [...]

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Two ways to succeed

There are two ways to succeed: The Kind and Generous way – promote, encourage, teach… And the Jerk way – Force, demand, threaten… Both work. The problem with the Jerk way is that you have [...]

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