Emailing a file

Emailing a file When you email a file to someone (jpg, doc, pdf, etc.), consider what they are going to do with it. Rename it to be useful for them to know, to save, to [...]

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CCWVa to Offer Free Career Readiness Course in Huntington

HUNTINGTON, W.Va.—Catholic Charities West Virginia (CCWVa) will offer a free 5-week career readiness course at its Center for Community Learning and Advancement (CCLA) in Huntington, W.Va. The course will begin Oct. 22 and is available [...]

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What’s it for?

What’s it for? A flyer informs. A letter communicates a message. A group meeting educates. That thing you’re doing has a reason. But what’s it really for? Will it help someone engage? Will it influence [...]

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The Wrong Question

The wrong question “May I help you?” is the wrong question asked by the reception desk at Med Express. Anyone walking in there has their medical problem on their mind. The instinctive answer is to [...]

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27th Sunday B Sacred Heart Basilica Co Cathedral 2018

27th Sunday B Sacred Heart Basilica Co-Cathedral Charleston, West Virginia 6 X 2018 Introduction During the past few days I have been making my way around West Virginia, holding meetings in Wheeling, visiting Catholic educators [...]

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Reflection on Sunday’s Gospel (10/7/18)

Sunday's Gospel (Mk 10: 2 - 16) offers each of us a kind of ‘wake up’ call. The ‘long form’ includes the story of Jesus calling the little children to come to him, as he [...]

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Do you work at Yahoo?

Do you work at Yahoo? If not, your professional email address should not end in Or gmail or aol or comcast. Or anything that isn’t your website. Professional email addresses are based on your [...]

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