Thursday, April 18

Holy Thursday Peter sees servitude in the washing of feet; Jesus, however, teaches that the act implies servanthood. By washing the disciples’ feet, Jesus shows that disciples serve others. What small act of love can [...]

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What will I tell my Boss?

What will I tell my Boss? “What will I tell my Boss?” is at the heart of all your work-related decisions. It’s also at the heart of everyone you work with.  It’s accountability, status, reputation, [...]

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Wednesday, April 17

Mercy and Forgiveness Judas pays a high price for handing over Jesus. The price that he pays is much higher than the thirty pieces of silver that the chief priests paid him for handing over [...]

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Tuesday, April 16

Love and Betrayal When Jesus tells his followers that one of them will betray him, they question who would be a traitor. Still, Peter, who has been with Jesus from the beginning of his mission, [...]

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Monday, April 15

Witness to the Power Lazarus is a witness to the power of Jesus and knows that he is the Messiah. The Jews plot to arrest and kill both Jesus and Lazarus. The more we allow [...]

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Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, April 14, 2019

Messianic Entry Today’s Readings: Luke 19: 28–40; Isaiah 50:4–7; Psalm 22:8–9, 17–18, 19–20, 23–24; Philippians 2:6–11; Luke 22:14—23:56. Today, the faithful process with palms and sing “Hosanna,” remembering the Lord’s entrance to Jerusalem, an entry [...]

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Saturday, April 13

Complacent Hearts In today’s Gospel, we hear the Jewish leaders voice concern that their land will be taken if people believe in Jesus. They have been safe and secure in their way of life. As [...]

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Friday, April 12

My Rock of Refuge Jesus stood his ground and confronted the Jews when they picked up rocks to stone him. The Jews want to arrest Jesus because they believe his words to be blasphemy. They [...]

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The small messages we encounter as we move through our days can enliven and encourage us in the midst of life’s challenges. Let’s keep up the pace as we pursue the two Great Commandments and [...]

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