Place a Call to Feed the Hungry

The Senate Health Committee will have before it House Bill 4001, which imposes a strict 3 months in 3 years limit to federal food assistance to able-bodied adults without dependents unless they meet certain work requirements. Catholic Charities WV sees major problems for many of these adults being able to find/get to work in counties in which they live. Judging from the results of a nine county pilot project which imposed these requirements a year ago (the nine counties with the best opportunities for work). very few of the affected adults will in fact find work, and the burden upon local food pantries to feed hungry adults will increase substantially. Catholic Charities WV calculates HB 4001, if passed, would increase by nearly half a million dollars the cost of the needed food for its pantries.

Please call Senator Takubo, Chair of the Health Committee, and ask him to reject HB 4001 and to send it to a committee to deal with its major problems. Sen. Takubo’s phone number is 304 357 7990.

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