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by Sr. Ellen Dunn

I’m sharing Dorothy Day’s pre-Christmas reflection because it is born of her life and her life’s experience. I believe we can learn much from those who have gone before us and set the bar pretty high. But that inspiration can lift us up and enable us to reach more and let God be born anew in us. Meister Eckhart, OP, maintains that we are always being ‘mothers of God because God is always being born anew in us.’ Christmas blessings upon us all!

Reflection by Dorothy Day
It is no use saying that we are born two thousand years too late to give room to Christ. Nor will those who live at the end of the world have been born too late. Christ is always with us, always asking for room in our hearts. But now it is with the voice of our contemporaries that he speaks; with the eyes of store clerks, factory workers, and children that he gazes; with the hands of office workers, slum dwellers, and suburban housewives that he gives. It is with the feet of soldiers and tramps that he walks, and with the heart of anyone in need that he longs for shelter. And giving shelter or food to anyone who asks for it, or needs it, is giving it to Christ.

Source: Watch for the Light

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