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by Sr. Ellen Dunn

This daily reading source often hits the nail on the head, as the expression goes. So I’m sharing it with you all. For myself, part of getting up and out each day has to do with finding meaning in what I’m doing. In this quote, there is a suggestion that we can be in communion with one another and with our God as we rise and shine daily. Community is all about belonging and upholding one another—at home, at work, at play—because we do care about and support each other on this journey called life!

Reflection by Evelyn Underhill
We must ignore our pains and preference, our own longing for sympathy and peace, our times of weakness, anguish, desolation, and fatigue; we must go on giving, up to the limit and beyond. Christ himself groaned in spirit at the effort demanded of him. He knew what virtue had gone out; he gave a costly, not an easy restoration to the fallen and weak. He bore our burdens and carried our sorrows.

Source: Light of Christ

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