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by Sr. Ellen Dunn

Enjoy this lovely reflection which follows and become more aware of how God, and all creation bearing God’s face, surround us as we move through our days. Then take a good long look in the mirror to confirm God’s presence and beauty!  

What did Merton see out his window?

The forms and individual characters of living things, of inanimate beings, of animals, flowers and all nature, constitute their holiness in the sight of God.

Their inscape is their sanctity, the imprint of God’s wisdom, God’s reality in them.

The special clumsy beauty of this particular colt on this day in this field under these clouds is a holiness, it declares the glory of God.

The pale flowers of the dogwood outside this window are saints. The little yellow flowers that nobody notices on the edge of that road are saints. This leaf has its own texture, its own pattern of veins, its own holy shape. The bass and trout hiding in the deep pools of the river are canonized by their beauty and their strength.

The sea too is a saint who praises God without interruption in her majestic dance. The great, gashed, half-naked mountain is another of God’s saints. Alone in his own character, nothing else in the world ever did or ever will imitate God in quite the same way. That is his sanctity.

But what about you? What about me?

Trappist Fr. Thomas Merton (1915-1968) from New Seeds of Contemplation, inviting us to see the holiness of all creation

  (Source: NCR/Season of Creation Daily Day 12: What did Merton see out his window? by Peter McLoughlin).