Third Sunday of Easter, Sunday, April 15


Today’s Readings: Acts 3:13–15, 17–19; Psalm 4:2, 4, 7–8, 9; 1 John 2:1–5a; Luke 24:3548. The last line of today’s Gospel states, “You are witnesses of these things.” This statement is an invitation to reflect on all that Christ has revealed to us. His passion, death, and Resurrection are at the core of our witness because in Baptism, we were immersed into the Paschal Mystery of Christ. After the Resurrection, Jesus encounters the disciples and tries to help them understand and unpack their lived experience before his death, what his death means, and the new life promised in the Resurrection. Think about all the times your encounters with Christ transformed your heart. Often we don’t notice these encounters at the time, but upon reflection our hearts burn with the zeal and presence of Christ. Because we have seen and heard the Good News, we cannot be silent. The love of Christ compels us to reach out to the poor and marginalized to hear their stories and work to meet their needs. The verse that precedes the Gospel, asks Jesus to “make our hearts burn” as he speaks to us in Scripture. How might you listen to the Word this week?

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