Blessed Are We
Isaiah speaks of a time when the earth will be filled with knowledge of the Lord, and there will be peace among nations and even animals. These events await the fulfillment of God’s plan when Jesus returns in glory. Yet Jesus knows how blessed his disciples are to see him in the flesh and hear his words. When we take the Risen Christ into our body in the Eucharist and listen to the Word, we are blessed with a foretaste of the time when we will know him fully. Today’s Readings: Isaiah 11:1–10; Psalm 72:1–2, 7–8, 12–13, 17; Luke 10:21–24.
© 2018 Liturgy Training Publications. 800-933-1800. Written by Barbara Matera. Permission to publish granted by the Archdiocese of Chicago, on March 9, 2018.