The cost of catechetical and evangelizing required-trainings, for catechists and catechetical leaders of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, through the University of Dayton, will be covered by the Department of Faith Formation and Mission. If you have already paid for an upcoming 2020 class, please contact our office for reimbursement, or we’ll contact you. Thank you.

Virtual VLCFF Course: Images of Jesus
This Easter Season, The Diocese of Wheeling Charleston in association with the VLCFF (Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation) program of the University of Dayton is offering an opportunity to gain deeper insight into our faith for all adults as well as help educators and catechists work towards their Diocesan certification.

Starting April 19, 2020 the following 5 week course will be offered through a combination of weekly Zoom meetings and online discussion through the VLCFF course website.

Course Offering: Images of Jesus

Through this course the participant will have the opportunity to examine, from a variety of theological perspectives, what we know and believe about the central figure of the Christian faith and arguably the most influential person who ever walked the earth. Aer looking at many different resources, the student will be able to form a personal answer to “Who do you say that I am?”
Successful completion of this course earns 2.5 CEU’s. By the end of this course,participants will be able to:

  • Describe one of the key images of Jesus that emerge from a careful reading of the Gospels
  • Discuss some of the new issues in Christology and how they relate to contemporary cultural issues
  • Analyze the links between the Jesus we find in the Gospels and the presence of Christ in the Church’s liturgy

All course materials are online.

Zoom meetings will be set for Thursday Evenings from 7‐9 pm (if we get enough participants and another time is preferred this time may shift).
In light of the current Covid situation, here is an opportunity to meet and converse about faith with one another and learn more about Jesus in scripture, theology and the Paschal Mystery.

“If you’d like to register for this course, beginning next week, please call the department’s secretary, Jeanne McKeets, at (304) 233-0880 (ext. 374), to do so.”

“The Church has always required proper preparation of those who exercise a ministry…Lay ecclesial ministers, just like the ordained, need and deserve formation of high standards, effective methods and comprehensive goals”.   –Co-workers in the Vineyard of the Lord

The goal of lay ministry formation integrally relates four essential areas. It fosters the development of men and women who understand: 1) their human development within the context of a call to advance the mission of the Church; 2) their spiritual development within the context of a call to service in the Church; 3) their intellectual development as the appropriation of the Church’s teaching and tradition; and 4) their pastoral development as participation in the active ministry of the Church.

The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston offers formation opportunities for Lay Ministry. Lay Ministry formation is for a variety of adults who demonstrate strong leadership qualities and show a commitment to the Church in a specific area of ministry under pastoral authority and support.

The Diocesan Lay Ministry Fund provides financial assistance to lay ministers who are currently employed in the diocese who seek assistance for graduate and undergraduate ministry programs as well as ministry certificate programs, seminars and courses. The Diocesan Lay Ministry Fund is offered in partnership with parishes, schools, vicariates and lay men and women in the diocese.

Certificate for Lay Ecclesial Ministry –  Foundations for Leadership in Ministry  [contact Dept. of Formation & Mission for additional Diocesan requirements]

> Certificate Programs from the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives, University of Dayton: