Sharing for the Journeysis-ellen-avatar

by Sr. Ellen Dunn

In this New Year, I read a marvelous quote from Fr. Dan Berrigan, SJ, who passed away sometime last year. He was a ‘big time’ Peace Advocate for most of his priesthood; he even went to jail a few times as a consequence of his actions. In speaking about the topic of Prayer, he wrote: “And then there is the question of prayer, which consists for the most part in insisting that God do for us what we are unwilling to do for one another. Resolve: Let’s do for one another what we would have God do for all. This is known as God-like activity.”

There’s a good bit to consider in this particular quote. First of all, it seems like ‘truth.’ And then,  it reminds us that prayer is not about telling God what to do (because we know best and we are the center of the universe anyway!) Prayer is about seeking, asking, sharing our hearts with God and about expressing our trust and hope in God who loves and provides for us.

Then, there is the matter of “Do for one another….” which is the heart of the message and the point of challenge which confronts us in the present moment.

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