Showing All Religious Communities of Women Listings

(0130) Sisters Of Apostles Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus A.S.C.J.

(0570) Sisters Of Charity Of Seton Hill S.C.

(0990) Sisters Of Divine Providence C.D.P.

(1105) Dominican Sisters Of Hope O.P.

(1115) Dominican Sisters Of Peace O.P.

(1450) Franciscan Sisters Of The Sacred Heart O.S.F.

(1630) Sisters Of St. Francis Of Penance And Christian Charity O.S.F.

(1830) Sisters Of Our Lady Of Charity of the Good Shepherd (Central South US Province) R.G.S.

(2110) Sisters Of The Humility Of Mary H.M.

(2575) Sisters Of Mercy Of The Americas R.S.M.

(3000) Sisters Of Notre Dame De Namur S.N.D.deN.

(3110) Congregation Of Our Lady Of The Retreat In The Cenacle r.c.

(3150) Pallottine Missionary Sisters S.A.C.

(3830-13) Sisters Of St. Joseph Of Pittsburgh (Baden, PA) C.S.J.

(3832) Congregation Of St. Joseph (Wheeling Center) C.S.J.

(3893) Sisters Of Saint Joseph Of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, S.S.J.

Eudist Servants of the Eleventh Hour E.S.E.H.

Missionary Sisters Servants of the Word H.M.S.P.

Sisters For Christian Community S.F.C.C.

Sisters Of The Child Jesus S.J.I.